Our workshops are focused on the first
of the Scaling Up Decisions - People

Our workshops are focused on the first of the Scaling Up Decisions – People. It’s easy to hire people into your business, but it’s not always easy to hire the right people into your business or get the most out of them once there. We’ll change that for you.
Our engaging workshops have made a lasting impact on companies in tech, finance, marketing, manufacturing, and beyond.


How to build a team of “A” Players

Imagine a world where 60% to 80% of your team members are “A” players. These individuals live your values to the core, promote your culture and are immensely productive. If you had a cloning machine, you would use it to create an army of these incredible employees!

In this workshop, you will learn all of the tools necessary to make this vision a reality.


57% of employees report not receiving clear directions by their leadership team on a regular basis – and over 69% of managers are not comfortable with communicating with employees in general. Often, getting through to the person staring at you is a matter of understanding their personality, their unique way of working, and how to effectively communicate with them.

This workshop helps teams see a clear improvement in communication and engagement.


Picture this: your team is working harder than ever. Everyone is putting in effort – they even may seem to be trying too hard. But despite this, your business is mired in quicksand. Projects take longer to get going, decisions hang in limbo for too long, and even simple tasks bog people down.

Ultimately, the bottom line starts to creep backwards…and you’re not sure why or how
it’s happened.

If any of the below statements resonate with you, then our Workshops could be for you

You have a great product and service that you know could be helping thousands (or millions) more people than you are now.
You’d love to find top talent to add to your team to accelerate growth, as well as see your current team become more effective so you can provide a positive and inspiring work environment.
Your company has experienced great success in the past – but results are stagnant or falling.
You know that staying in place means falling behind, and you need to GROW PROFITABLY to stay successful.
You are ready to lead your team to the next level and want to embrace a new way of thinking to get them there.
You want to implement proven habits and routines to achieve lasting business growth and success.