Empowering entrepreneurs to reach their most audacious goals! 


At Elevation Leaders, we offer business leaders and entrepreneurs a step-to-step program to strategize, simplify and scale. We will give you the tools to 10x your business valuation! 

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Scaling Up Coaching

Are your business and team growing? You want to scale-up more but the business growth is hitting a wall? Something is not working but you can't put your finger on it? 

Our coaches offer business leaders and entrepreneurs a step-to-step program to strategize, simplify and scale. The scaling-up methodology will give you the tools to 10x your business valuation!  

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Do you have a specific area in your business that needs improvement or do you want to increase synergy in your teams?

Elevation Leaders offers a series of customizable workshops for your business on topics around leadership development, influential communication, and negotiation, scaling up your business and so much more.  

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DISC Assessment

The DISC assessment helps to better understand individual personalities and team dynamics to best place team members in the business.

DISC improves communication and teamwork while increasing the productivity of the team. The assessment also measures our behaviors and reactions to different situations.

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Elevation Hub 

Do you struggle to balance your business, life, and health?

To find the right tools and tactics and the motivation to improve your life we created a resource hub with free guides, books, and online courses that will help you unlock productivity, create meaningful routines, and growth mindset to improve your happiness and success in business and life. 

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The Scaling Up Process


Discover what is working well and identify the areas of improvement. 


Build your company's vision and solidify company values.


Ensure the right people and processes are in place to scale up! 

Ready to Scale?

Some of our trusted clients

Our mission is to 10x YOUR Business valuation

A major voice on business growth and leadership, Shawn is on a mission to help you realize one thing: You can experience incredible business success & be a real leader – while achieving deep happiness.

Scaling Up Coach, Entrepreneur, and Speaker, Shawn is also the author of The Happy Leader, a business and leadership fable slated for release on April 6th. Shawn has been featured in numerous publications including Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, Real Leaders magazine, Ladders magazine, CEO Blog Nation, the official blogs of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) & Atlassian, among others.

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What People Are Saying

Our client's success stories speak for themselves.

Francis C.

Shawn is a phenomenal coach! One of the best listeners I know. He is smart, efficient, fun and super organized. He genuinely wants to help us make our life better while showing us the right way to grow our business to the next level. Thank you Shawn!

Sun Ah B.

Shawn is one of the most disciplined and driven people I know. He has helped me align my vision and organize my business by steady focus and determination. His positivity and ability to help organizations work on key pillars of growth have been a major pivot point for my business.

Richard M.

Shawn is one of the rare breeds of entrepreneurs that has EQ that's as high as his IQ. He is a highly strategic thinker that brings fresh perspectives and ideas to any problem. Combine that with his empathy and you have the recipe for a truly great leader.

Cherif H.

Shawn is our company's Scaling Up coach and he has helped us tremendously since we started working together. Our team has experienced better focus on both strategy and execution and we are very happy with the collaboration.

On a personal level, I very much admire Shawn's ability to focus on what matters, his supernatural productivity, and his calm demeanor. He brings a smile and positivity to every interaction, which is extremely appreciated in stressful times.

Dominique L.

I have had the chance to see Shawn lead EO Montréal with amazing leadership, run a successful business all while working on becoming an excellent coach to help future entrepreneurs strive and become positive leaders! Everything Shawn does, he does it in a way that leaves a positive impact on people, I strongly recommend him. I did his first workshop on leadership and it was a huge success, Lots of takeaways to help me keep pushing myself further.

Marko D.

I can only recommend Shawn as a coach. He is very calm and patient, but also actively listens to his client's needs. He lets our team break out into discussions when needed but also knows how to keep everyone on track. The Scaling Up process works really well for our company and I feel like our objectives are moving forward on a quarterly basis. Shawn has this unique gift to gain people's trust and letting everyone be themselves at the same time. He has tremendous energy, is very positive, and enjoyable to be around.

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