Our strategic coaches

Have entrepreneurial

Genuinely want to help leaders
achieve happiness and success

Have a passion and skill set for developing,
mentoring and supporting others

Embrace the use of technology to improve
the coaching experience for every client

Are lifelong learners



Shawn co-founded DALS Lighting, an LED lighting business, in 2009. He implemented the Scaling Up Growth System and led the company to 3X its revenues well into the 8 figures.

Shawn went on to found Elevation Leaders, a Strategic Business Coaching firm, where he works with
entrepreneurs & their teams to help accelerate their growth while helping them find personal balance and happiness.


Strategic Coach

Justin is a rare mixture of organized, analytical, and creative. A natural and unassuming leader, he quickly becomes the voice of reason with any individuals and businesses he engages with.

An Elevation Leaders Associate Coach, Entrepreneur, and Speaker, Justin has spent close to a decade and a half intentionally accumulating a wide range of experience and knowledge as a senior manager, consultant, and entrepreneur. His most recent business focused on helping companies turn their managers into leaders by empowering them to communicate better.


Strategic Coach

Elevation Leaders Associate Coach (Business Coaching), Pierre Luc started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 20 while pursuing his business BA. Today he owns Groupe Residencia, the parent company of five businesses in the residential services industry, that coordinate over 20,000 projects every summer. He also co-founded the angel investment firm SOT and is an EO Montreal member.


Strategic Coach

Alex is an Elevation Leaders Associate Coach, Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Bachelor in Psychology, and Atman Certified Evaluator.

In 2018, he co-founded Onit, a business accelerator bringing together more than 40 expert firms, 200 specialized expertise and 1,000 professionals whose mission is to provide Quebec SMEs with access to expertise to maximize their growth and valuation.


Executive Coach

Sarah is a certified business coach and a health expert with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience empowering professionals to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Eric Golding

Eric is an accomplished and multi-disciplinary corporate executive with over 25 years of experience in driving exponential growth for companies globally. He holds positions such as chairman, co-chair, board member, strategic partner, and global business consultant. Eric works one-on-one with C-level executives, boards, and leadership teams through strategic partnerships to develop their people and expand their sales worldwide.  

Simon Lafrenière

Simon Lafrenière, Eng., MBA, is an entrepreneurial, forward-thinking P&L leader boasting over two decades of extensive experience across a range of industries and global markets. Specializing in Aeronautical Mechanical Engineering and holding an MBA, Simon is adept at transforming organizations by cultivating high-performance teams and driving growth and profitability.