What you didn’t know about business coaching

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We are trying something new 🙂

Last week we started a Myth Busting series to debunk common misconceptions about coaching.

On the next 4 Thursdays I will be debunking a well-known myth about business coaching. Today I want to share Myth No 1: Coaching is only for failing businesses.

❌Busted: 3 reasons why businesses really seek outside help

✔️Business is hitting a wall and you’d like an outside perspective

✔️Business is in cruise control; nothing is great but also not great. You’d like to level up

✔️Business is growing fast but you need help doing it the right way

Click the video above to check out the first Myth Bust and head over to our LinkedIn to follow along.

Resources & News

 Elevation Leaders News

Only 3 days to go to our Business Elevation Summit. I can’t wait to share this project with you. Speaking with all the amazing, inspiring leaders that are participating in this year’s summit was truly incredible. We have pulled together some impressive experts who will share their experiences and tips from marketing to e-education and sales. 

Article I’m Reading

Over the past year, eCommerce sales have consistently risen as many companies pivot to online offerings. Check out these 5 strategies that can drive your online business sales. Monitor your site’s bounce rate, reduce cart abandonment, add testimonials to your site, simplify your check-out process and ensure privacy and security.

Read the article here.

On My Mind

As entrepreneurs, we are naturally curious and always open to learning new skills. As a life long learner I am so passionate about acquiring new skills and expanding my horizon. That was the main reason for this year’s Business Elevation Summit. 

“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching” 

Kirill Korshikov

Happy Leader Spotlight

I have known Craig Finnigan for over 15 years. First professionally through my lighting business and over the past year as a coach to his business McLaren Lighting. Along the way, he has become a great friend. More importantly, he is an inspiring leader. He is an experienced entrepreneur, on a mission to scale up his business and you should definitely connect with him. 

Connect with Craig here.