How to write a book: 5 SUPER SIMPLE STEPS

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Most people’s workday involves some form of writing. But there are different levels of writing. When you write a book or when you write for jobs like in journalism or communication you are writing to tell a story.

And that is what I aspire to do, tell a story to inspire others and have a positive impact on their lives. The launch of my first book “The Happy Leader” is less than a month away – and it has been a long journey. 

I truly believe everyone has a story to tell which is why I’d like to share 5 simple steps that helped me to write my book. 


1. Write Every Day

I have been writing my book for the past 8 years and what helped me push it forward was to take 30 minutes in the evening every day to write. It eventually became a habit and part of my evening routine. I also dedicated some deep work sessions to writing. Deep Work means taking 20 to 90 minutes, turning off all your devices, and truly work on a specific project or task with no distractions

2. Talk to peers


When you are stuck on a project or idea it helps to talk to a peer or friend who has been through something similar. One of the most valuable parts of being an entrepreneur is the amazing network and community that comes with it. The leaders and entrepreneurs I have met in this community inspire me every day. For the past decade, I’ve been obsessed with learning and exchanging experiences with peers and consuming all the books I could on leadership and entrepreneurship. In my leadership journey, I’ve been obsessed with finding happiness and being a successful leader. And while many books touch on that subject I couldn’t find a book that truly resonated. This is why I wanted to share my story and hope it can help other entrepreneurs that feel stuck or unhappy and want to make a change. 


3. Choose a topic you are passionate about


In order to make your writing process smooth and add value for your readers, it is important to write about a topic you are passionate about and knowledgeable about. Expert knowledge gives you authority in your space and it gives your book authority in its space. To figure out your niche start by asking yourself a few simple questions:

  • What topics am I interested in?
  • What topic do I find important to share?
  • Who will this topic give value to?

When you answer these questions you will find a niche or topic you are passionate about and identify your readership. Books that made a big impact on you that you love reading should also guide what kind of book you’d like to write.


4. Create a structured outline



To write a book successfully you need to build a structured outline. Don’t be too detailed in these steps, but keep the following in mind.   


  • Outline your beginning, middle, and end. With these pieces in place, you know exactly where to go, and what key messages to convey.


  • Identify your story’s main characters. This is a great opportunity to work on character development and truly understand your protagonist’s motives.  


  • What are the main disruptions of your book? Your book should solve a conflict or problem. Identifying that will help you build a good story.


  • Choose a format that works for you. Some people start by brainstorming ideas and concepts, some follow a strict outline – pick what works best for you.


5. Just Start


This may sound like an easy and obvious step, but the number one roadblock to writing a book is you. We tend to be afraid that no one wants to listen to what we have to say, or that we are not good enough, but there is no big secret, it is simple: Just start writing, because you likely have a great story to tell. And even if your writing doesn’t end up in a book, there are other ways to share your story. On LinkedIn, your website’s blog, or as a magazine contributor


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