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The Happiness Roadmap: You CAN have it all

Discover the secrets to 10x your Success and Happiness in Life and Business


 Dive into this transformational 9-module course with entrepreneur, author, and Scaling Up Coach Shawn Johal.
Learn to implement effective routines, implement a growth mindset, and clarify your vision to achieve both success AND happiness.

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My Road to Happiness

My story might sound similar to yours. I had a thriving, successful career – but it came at a cost. When my brother-in-law Joey and I started our first business, we mortgaged our homes, took on risky debt, and worked incredibly long hours.

I spent years feeling constantly overwhelmed and stressed.

I had zero work-life balance.

Stress and anxiety were things I lived with daily.

My physical and mental health suffered. My body began to have “full shutdowns.”

Eventually, I had enough: I started to wonder if this was really the life I wanted to live. I wanted to be successful – but above all else, I wanted to be happy.

Following the hardships of entrepreneurship, I spent years studying, learning, and understanding how to make small changes in my life that had one major goal: real happiness.

I want to share the journey I went on and the tools and tactics that will help YOU!

What People Are Saying

Michele L. - Director

“If you are looking to 10x your happiness, find your life’s purpose and become more productive, definitely take this course!! Shawn is an engaging teacher that effortlessly guides you through varied elements to greatly improve your life. The course is packed with tons of useful information and insight, a unique combination of a holistic approach with business skills. The concepts presented in short videos are easy to understand and relatable through his dynamic storytelling. Each video module is also supported by a workbook presented as a step-by-step guide that solidifies the lesson. I leave this course inspired, refreshed, and ready to live my new happier healthier life! Thank you, Shawn!”

Paul S. - Founder

"Shawn's The Happy Leader course is one of those rare offerings that is literally for everyone! The course is packed with bite-sized content that acts as the building blocks to an expanded version of myself that is allowing me to show up better at work, in my community, and most importantly, for my family!"

Happy Leader Roadmap - Course Modules

10x your Happiness and Success in Business and Life

✥  Module 1: Reason for Being - Live your true PURPOSE
        ◦ You like your life but something is missing? You are wondering what you are supposed to be doing with your life?

◦ Module 1 helps to answer these questions and dives into the IKIGAI concept.

✥  Module 2: Habit Hacking - Implement a high-performance mindset
        ◦ You want to be more organized and productive, but your to-do list never ends?

◦ Module 2 provides amazing tools to implement time-saving habits.

✥  Module 3: Art of Listening - Learn to observe + reflect + accept + deliver
        ◦ You want to be heard, taken seriously and contribute meaningfully?

◦ Module 3 provides great lessons on truly listening and improved management skills.

✥  Module 4: Spinning Positivity - Eliminate negativity from your life
        ◦  You want to be more positive and change your outlook on everyday life?

◦ Module 4 teaches to embracing positivity and changing your life for the better.


✥  Module 5: Time Anger Gap - Master your frustrations and stress
        ◦ Do you blow-up or get upset about situations quickly?

◦ Module 5 teaches patience and taking situations as they come.

✥  Module 6: Barrier Breaking - Commit to a “stretch” goal
        ◦ Are you limiting yourself by believing negative things about yourself?

◦ Module 6 provides you with strategies to believe in yourself again. 

✥  Module 7: Mental Mapping - Visualize your future success 
        ◦ Have you ever wondered how your brainwaves affect your thoughts and feelings?

◦ Module 7 guides your actions by visualizing the feeling you have hence helping you reach your goals.

✥  Module 8: Circular Reciprocation - Implement a Growth Mindset in your life
        ◦ Do you pass on personal and professional opportunities because you don't think you're good enough?

◦ Discover how gratitude techniques can help cultivate a growth mindset in Module 8.

✥  Module 9: Dream Facilitation - Help others achieve their goals
        ◦ Do you want to help others be their best self and achieve their goals? 

◦ Module 9 guides you to understand the multiple benefits of helping others.

Course Feature/Benefit #1

Course Feature/Benefit 2

Course Feature/Benefit 3


✥  Ready-Set-Happy: 5 Quick Win Video’s

◦ I will show you 5 secrets that you can apply to your daily routine or immediate stress-reduction and an improved mindset.

✥  Weekly Live “Happiness Circle” Coaching Sessions

◦ Every week we will talk about a new topic to discuss, ask questions, and build community.

✥  Access to the private Happy Leader Facebook Group

◦ The Happy Leader FB group is a great place to ask questions, offer support to peers, and be part of a community.

✥  A private vision coaching session with renowned visualization expert Darya Akulshyna

◦ If you are looking for answers about your next step or wanting to understand what creating a VISION is all about a Coaching call with Darya is a perfect opportunity.

The Happy Leader Roadmap



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Meet the Author & Coach

Shawn’s WHY: To Help LEADERS find Happiness and Success.

A major voice on business growth and leadership, Shawn is on a mission to help you realize one thing: you can experience incredible business success & be a real leader – while achieving deep happiness. Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Shawn is also the author of “The Happy Leader,” a business and leadership fable that will be released in April 2021.

Shawn has been featured in numerous publications including Inc. magazine, Fast Company, Real Leaders magazine, Ladders magazine, the Chicago Tribune and many others. Shawn co-founded DALS Lighting, an LED lighting business, in 2009. He implemented the Scaling Up Growth System and led the company to 3X its revenues well into the 8-figures. Shawn went on to found Elevation Academy, a business growth coaching & consulting firm, working with entrepreneurs & their teams to help accelerate their growth – while helping them find personal balance and happiness.

Former President of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) Montreal, Shawn remains an active member & mentor to numerous young entrepreneurs, helping them improve as business leaders and as individuals. A Finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Shawn also sits on the Board of Directors for “Champions for Life,” a non-profit foundation helping children develop their physical literacy.

With a passion for endurance sports & rigorous goal-setting, Shawn is obsessed with high-performance, the pursuit of happiness & the power of mindset to fuel a successful life – and he’s committed to bringing his message to the world.