The Happy Leader Newsletter #19

newsletter Dec 23, 2020

Leaders, welcome back: it's my last newsletter video of the year. While I feel exceptionally grateful for everything 2020 has brought to me, I'm also eager for what 2021 has to offer. You may feel similarly!

Today, I want to discuss a few tactical things you can do to be ready to tackle the new year

  • Do a quiet reflection (inspired by a "deep work" strategy) on all the wins & losses you've experienced this last year
  • Disconnect - especially from your tech. Take a week off (fully) & go dark - it'll be worth it
  • Build your vision: take this time to build what big dreams & goals you want to achieve in your life

Leaders, cannot wait for all that the new year will bring. Sending you positive vibes for your rest & reflection!

- Shawn