Monthly Newsletter by Shawn Johal - #20

newsletter Jan 15, 2021

Leaders welcome back, and Happy New Year: it's my first newsletter of the year and I want to share some news with you. I used the downtime during the holidays to really think about the direction I want for my business. And I decided that for now I will really focus on my coaching practice and empower business leaders to reach their most audacious goals!

In today's video, I want to discuss the lessons I learned in 2020 and what I'm hoping 2021 will bring.

  1. Cherish what you have
    • Realizing what we already have
  2. The end is not the end
    • We're more resilient than we think
  3. Challenges present opportunities
    • Industries have innovated incredibly in a positive way
  4. Better safe than sorry
    • Planning for challenges or crisis helps being prepared
  5. Build your network
    • Utilize your work, family, and friend network
    • It goes both ways

I'm beyond excited for 2021 and what we will all be able to achieve! Sending everyone positive vibes for the rest of the month and year!

- Shawn