How to get STRATEGIC with your Holiday rest!

Dec 21, 2020

Leaders, my last video of 2020! Today, we’re discussing how to be strategic with our rest & recovery during the holiday break.

Like most entrepreneurs and leaders, I’ve learned that unless I get intentional with my rest, it won’t be as successful as it could be. Ultimately it comes down to:

  • Put in a plan for disconnecting – and tell your family about it (you owe them some intentional time just with them)
  • Detox from all tech & digital: set a concrete date for a digital detox helps commit to it
  • Tell clients & suppliers you’ll be disconnecting so they know what to expect


Disconnect with intention. Let me know how it goes, leaders – but only let me know in 2021. Looking forward to all the next year has to offer!

- Shawn