Scaling Up Coaching

Entrepreneurs: Want to know how to 10x your business valuation?  

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The Goal

An Awesome Company Culture

A Refined Strategy

More Time For Planning & Execution 

The Scaling Up Phases

Phase 1 

Phase 2

Phase 3 

Identify, define and develop your values, purpose, and plan



Hire A-Players, create your BHAG, accelerate cash flow, and measure labor productivity



Implement team processes, align behind a strategy, identify key metrics for success and optimize cash flow processes

The 4 Decisions to Scale Up 

People Decisions

Using the Topgrading Process, we will ensure you have the right people in the right seats, allowing you to 10X your business valuation.

Strategy Decisions

Discover your values, your “WHY” and your single sentence strategy as part of building a solid one-page plan that will elevate your business to the next level.

Execution Decisions

Implement the best business practices using the Rockefeller Habits, allowing your team to gain complete alignment on your company “Rocks”.

Cash Decisions

Vastly improve your Cash Flow by using the Cash Conversion Cycle improvement tools, allowing you to fuel your growth with a fiscally responsible mindset and model.

Scaling Up Coaching: What you will get


5 full days of business coaching or
10 half-day virtual sessions


CEO or Strategic Team monthly 90-minute Zoom meetings

DISC Assessment

DISC analysis - understand your team's personalities


Financial Modeling through Cash Flow Story



Scaling Up Annual Assessment, Scaling Up Quarterly Review Assessment, Scaling Up Leadership Alignment Assessment


Unlimited phone & email support for all members of the executive team

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Empowering business leaders to create & accomplish their most audacious goals.

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