The Happy Leader 

Written by highly regarded entrepreneur, business and happiness coach Shawn Johal First-time author Shawn Johal, the Happy Leader is a life-changing story about human transformation. From the triumph of overcoming grief, despair and frustration to the powerful healing brought on by forgiveness!

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The Happy Leader is a life-changing story about human transformation—from the triumph over grief, despair, and frustration to the powerful healing brought on by forgiveness.

Warning! The Happy Leader can revolutionize your life by opening your heart and mind to new possibilities, a fresh perspective, and the inspiration to take action. You might even find yourself signing up for a marathon!

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Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up & founder of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO)

“Shawn understands the true essence of Leadership, Happiness, and Change. It is a must-read for every leader looking to grow both personally and professionally!"





Robert Glazer, Bestselling author of Friday Forward, Elevate and Performance Partnerships

 “Shawn Johal’s first book is an instant classic, I read it in one evening. Through his brilliant storytelling, we can see ourselves, the decisions we make and the choices that impact our happiness. We also understand deeply that it is in our own power and control to change as we gain a window into how to begin that process.”

Warren Rustand, Dean of EO, Leadership Academy, CEO of Summit Capital Consulting

 “The Happy Leader is a must-read for those who want a fun look at leadership and happiness. The fable is a wonderful tale about growing, leading, and finding happiness. It is learning, once again, that the three are not mutually exclusive. This is a tale of truth and happiness. Shawn has done a wonderful job of making this compelling reading. I highly recommend The Happy Leader!”